Rediscover Your Music

Rediscover your music

Music is all around us. We hear it almost everyday of our lives. It’s in our home, on TV, and in our cars. It’s portable and can go with us anywhere we travel. It’s in the grocery store, elevator, restaurants, malls, doctor’s office, lobbies, church and almost everyplace there is a gathering of people. Musician, Mic Mell, describes it best,” music touches, moves, and inspires people. It defines cultural movements, joyous occasions, painful break ups- music evokes powerful memories and responses in us. A song can forever bring us back to a specific moment in our lives, to sights and smells of times that have passed us by. Music transcends time, and walks through our lives.”

Every one of us at RMS are passionate music lovers. In one form or another it plays a role in what we do professionally everyday and today our musical choices are vast. Like most people, we have embraced the digital age and enjoy the convenience of downloaded music and other forms of streaming music from the internet. It has provided us a conduit to discover new music we may never have had the opportunity to hear before. It’s portability has allowed us to take our music anywhere. The addiction is strong among many of us, both young and old, but have we traded convenience for quality? Has our desire for fast and easy taken away some of the essence and experience of the music itself? Compressed music files, cheap earbuds and inferior computer speakers are just a few of the compromises we have all made. But it doesn’t mean we can’t have both convenience and quality.

At RMS we’re taking a new spin on the old. Sparked by the resurgence of two channel audio and the nostalgic rebirth of the vinyl record, we now carry several lines of select turntables, amplifiers, and speakers that take you to a whole new level of the listening experience. Rediscovering music to us means creating an alchemy of new technology with the old and opening the door to the past when we really listened to music. While you can still listen to the music that lives on your computer through these systems, it will feel like you’re hearing the music again for the first time. We have painstakingly researched the daunting plethora of electronics  available today and specifically looked for affordable high performance products that exceed the quality vs. price. Sonic performance, build quality, company longevity, and press acceptance also played a role in the final selection of distinct components we ultimately chose.

Vinyl LP’s are still regarded, in many audiophile circles, a superior audio format that has taken on a new life of its own. According to recent Nielsen SoundScan numbers, vinyl was the fastest-growing musical format in 2010, with 2.8 million units sold, the format’s best year since SoundScan began tracking sales in 1991. In many instances, the vinyl album of today is thicker and sounds better than those during vinyl’s heyday in the 1960s and 1970s. Even more interesting is the growing number of new artists being released on vinyl.

Amplifiers play a critical role in the reproduction of music and for decades the fundamental design of amplifiers have remained virtually unchanged. The changes we see today are designs that make amplification much more energy efficient without sacrificing power to the speakers. Also with the demand of digital music, manufacturers are focusing on DAC (digital to analog conversion) technology incorporated with their amps to refine and improve music from compressed music files.

Speakers remain the true heart of any system and with so many designs available, the quest for finding the “Holy Grail” of speakers is one that audiophiles find the most exciting. But we all hear differently and we’re not all audiophiles, so with our experience we can provide the pertinent information regarding room acoustics, room size, and listening position to help you make the right choice. Ultimately, the best way to purchase speakers is by auditioning them in an environment you are familiar with; your own home. In-home demos are available by request or come visit our showroom for a true listening experience.

Come join us in rediscovering your music!

Jun 7, 2011 / Features

Music Friday at the Lancaster Museum of Art

First off, thank you to everyone who attended the opening for “Pennsylvania Seen: Southeast Landscapes” at the Lancaster Museum of Art. I think we all will agree that the museum’s curator, Stanley Grand, did a fabulous job pulling together an excellent cast of artists and their work. Secondly, thanks to all who put their time and effort into bringing the “Art of the Party” together and making it a huge success. If you missed either of these events, you still have a chance to visit the exhibit from now until May 22nd.

Residential Media Systems sponsorship has provided us an unique opportunity to share another art form during the exhibit, music. On April 15th, RMS will be sponsoring a “Music Friday” reception from 5-8 PM. “Music Friday” is a Lancaster citywide event that occurs every third Friday of the month at a multitude of venues throughout the city. It  promotes the musical renaissance within Lancaster and makes it a hot spot for the abundance of great musicians and bands that live and work here.

Our participation in this event will provide an evening focused on the emotional connection we make between our love of music and nature. We will be showcasing our finest audio systems within several of the galleries and procuring a symbiotic experience of music and it’s connection with the landscape theme. As an added bonus, we will be providing the musical selections via the timeless format of the vinyl record. A turntable from Thorens will emanate sounds, from the grooves, that will soothe and calm visitors as they stroll through the museum.

The equipment chosen will be as unique as the music. In the main first floor gallery we’ll be showcasing a Thorens TD309 turntable. Its unique design has caught the eyes and ears of the European press and was awarded “European Turntable of the Year 2010-2011”. The main electronics on display will be from Bel Canto Design. Hailing from Minneapolis MN, these artfully designed components use Class D amplification and are at the forefront of high performance digital technology. Flanking the electronics will be a pair of the elite Joseph Audio Pulsar speakers. Released for the first time with absolutely rave reviews at the Consumer Electronics show this past January, The Pulsars create a new benchmark in sound quality that needs to be experienced first hand to be believed.

Utilizing the wireless technology of Sonos, we will be broadcasting the music from the first floor gallery up to the second floor. In this gallery, we will be highlighting the timeless components of NAD. This company has been a staple in the audio world for over 40 years and is well known for offering high performance sound quality on a budget. Speakers from Monitor Audio will complement the electronics bringing an unique British sound to this system.

Cocktails and hors d’oeuvres will be available to help along the soothing sounds! Please help spread the word to others so that the masses can share in this exciting experience. Also remember that you will be supporting the arts in your community!

Apr 10, 2011 / Industry News / Inside RMS

Did the vinyl record ever really die?

Not according to recent Nielsen SoundScan numbers. In fact, vinyl was the fastest-growing musical format in 2010, with 2.8 million units sold, the format’s best year since SoundScan began tracking sales in 1991. Rachelle Friedman, the co-owner of J&R Music in NYC, said the store is selling more vinyl than it has in at least a decade, fueled largely by growing demand from members of the iPod generation.

“It’s all these kids that are really ramping up their vinyl collections,” Ms. Friedman said. “New customers are discovering the quality of the sound. They’re discovering liner notes and graphics.”

In many instances, the vinyl album of today is thicker and sounds better than those during vinyl’s heyday in the 1960s and 1970s. Even more interesting is the growing number of new artists being released on vinyl. As more record labels added vinyl versions of new releases, the industry had to scramble to find places to press discs, said Mike Jbara, president and chief executive of the sales and distribution division of Warner Music Group. “It is absolutely easy to say vinyl doesn’t make sense when you look at convenience, portability, all those things,” Mr. Jbara said. “But all the really great stuff in our lives comes from a root of passion or love.”

I couldn’t agree more with Mike. It’s fun to be passionate about something. Music is my passion and has been my entire life.There’s nothing like listening to a recording from engineer Rudy Van Gelder when he recorded for Blue Note Records ( from his home in NJ). We are talking about recordings from 50 years ago. He could make it sound like the musicians were right there with you! That’s what makes listening to music an experience.

Recently I shared my love of vinyl with my 11 year old son. It was fun teaching him how to handle the records, clean them and lining up the stylus to the first groove. The most inspiring part was watching him find the sweet spot (dead center of the speakers), drop his head, close his eyes and fall into the musical trance. All without speaking a word of instruction on how to “listen to music”. Now he’s hooked. His first album selection was George Harrison’s “All Things Must Pass” and he even played all the discs in their entirety. I think there are three records in that collection. I can’t even sit still for that long, but he’s done so multiple times! Next I’ll have to test him with The Clash’s “Sandinistas”! Call me sentimental, but I’ve been inspired by this connection to a simpler time when we actually cared about the music, how it sounded and how it made us feel.

So after all these years, I’m returning to my roots and through Residential Media Systems, am offering a comprehensive collection of Hi-Fi gear focused on two channel audio. I’ve assembled some of the most highly respected and reviewed products from over twenty five years of experience. Finding true value and providing a high standard at all price levels.

Here are just a few of the great product lines now available through RMS.

If you have any questions or are interested in a demonstration, please feel free to contact RMS today.

Mar 23, 2011 / Blog / Inside RMS