Product Spotlight: Crestron Digital Media

There’s no question that the digital age is here today. Analog television is off the air; practically every device that plugs into a display has an HDMI port; the latest MacBooks only provide DisplayPort outputs; laptops now include built-in Blu-ray players; and the latest video conferencing systems feature HDMI/DVI outputs exclusively. Crestron DigitalMedia™ (DM) is the only solution that answers the challenges of tomorrow – today.

Whole-house multimedia distribution offers several conveniences including having the ability to access your sources at all television locations (Set top boxes, Kaleidescape, Game Consoles etc.) which allows greater installation flexibility, but more importantly offers access to all of your content at every television. In many instances, RMS installs and configures multiple Digital Video Recorders (DVR) for each user in a home. This gives great flexibility and convenience by allowing per-user recordings and also the ability to monitor what the children are watching at any given time (by switching to their cable box).  Multimedia distribution also allows you to start a program in one room, and finish it in another, without missing a second of it.  The Crestron Digital Media system provides the backbone for new and upcoming multimedia technologies such as HDMI, USB, and ETHERNET. This system is “card-slot” based, meaning it can be expanded and adopted to work with future technologies at a later date.

In many cases, the majority of the system is installed in a rack located in a mechanical room, out of site.  At each television is a Crestron DM-RMC (Digital Media – Room Media Controller) device that is small enough to be easily concealed.  This provides the link to the system and all of the sources available, at every television.  This type of system design places all of the source components in one central area for installation flexibility, and eliminates redundant components in the system.

The difference between Crestron Digital Media, and every other video distribution system, is its “future-proof” design.  The system was engineered specifically to tackle the difficult distribution of today’s high-definition broadcasts (with its encrypted HDCP system), and also allows upgrading and expansion for new formats and technologies.

RMS is a leader in Crestron installation and programming with many satisfied clients utilizing this great new technology.  Contact us for more information or for a consultation to see if this technology is right for your needs!

Apr 20, 2010 / Features

Bethlehem Residence 1

This 10,000 sq. ft. custom home truly offers its occupants the conveniences of home automation and entertainment.

Creston provides the back-bone for the whole-house audio distribution with speakers in the family room, kitchen, formal living room, office, billiard room, master bedroom, master bathroom, exercise room, back patio, and pool.  Various keypads, remotes, and touch-panels in convenient locations, provide easy control of the XM Satellite Radio, Kaleidescape media server, iPod, and FM radio.  Sonance in-wall and in-ceiling speakers throughout the home integrate nicely for a clean installation.  In the formal family room, Sound Advance “disappearing” speakers were integrated into the walls, for a completely seamless installation, while providing great sounding music.

The family room offers a theater experience, with a 50” High-Definition plasma integrated into the beautiful custom cabinetry.  RBH left, center, and right channel speakers are cleverly concealed behind custom designed speaker grills in the cabinetry.  RBH in-wall speakers provide the surround channels, while an RBH 12” subwoofer is in the front cabinet with barely visible vents in the toe-kick.  A Marantz digital surround receiver powers these speakers with ease.  The Kaleidescape movie server provides the family with their entire movie collection in an easy-to-use graphical interface.  The server can also make “recommendations” on what to watch, based on the current movie selection.  A local iPod dock gives the users the ability to watch any iPod video on the system.  An RTI T2b RF remote provides easy, one-touch control of the entire system.  Lutron Lighting and Shading is also integrated, and is easily controlled either by the touch-panels and keypads, or the RTI remote.  Setting the room up for a movie is a simple “one-touch” operation, lowering the lighting and the shading for just the right ambiance.

All of the televisions in the home are connected to a unique central video-distribution system, so all of the client’s content is available at every television.  DirecTV DVRs provide the parents, children, and guests with their own recordings, channel preferences, and parental control. The Kaleidescape movie server can also be viewed on any TV allowing the clients to start a movie in one room, and finish it in another.

There is as much fun outside as there is inside. A covered patio provides entertainment with a weather proof Sunbrite TV mounted above a beautiful stone fireplace for those nice evenings for sitting outside.  In-ceiling speakers provide great sound for any of the various sources in this space.  The open air pool house is also home to a discrete TV available for viewing even from the Hot Tub.

Lutron provides the lighting and shading control for the entire home.  This system allows the users to select various “scenes” for each of the rooms.  Since each room features multiple lighting loads, this saves the homeowners from having to fumble for various switches and dimmers in each space.  Also, the Lutron lighting control system greatly reduces the amount of unsightly switches and dimmers, providing access to multiple loads from a single keypad, greatly improving each room’s visual appeal.  The Lutron shades are provided in the family room and in the breakfast nook to allow just the right amount of sunlight based on the user’s preference.  In the summer time, they can be lowered during the day to reduce the cooling costs, while in the winter they can be raised, to allow the sun’s natural warmth to help heat the large home.

The Crestron system also provides access to HVAC and security systems as well, greatly reducing the amount of unsightly keypads and displays throughout the home.  The large easy-to-read touch-panel located in the kitchen acts as the “control-center” for the entire home, providing access and control to the whole-house music system, Lutron lighting and shading, heating and cooling, and security.

This family of 4 uses their RMS system every day, and truly appreciates the convenience it provides them to fully enjoy their large home, and its complex systems.

Jan 14, 2010 / Features