Sound Advance

The SA2 is the world’s first invisible in-wall loudspeaker.

When properly installed, this amazing speaker’s unique design allows it to become part of the wall surface – completely concealed behind the wall covering material, yet it delivers remarkable sound. Ideal for any home where the decor demands that the speakers remain visually undetectable.

Like conventional cone speakers, Sound Advance Flat panel speakers have conventional voice coil/magnet ‘motor’ assemblies that change the amplifier’s electrical signal into motion. Instead of being attached to a cone made of paper, plastic or metal, in a Sound Advance Flat Panel Speaker the motor assembly is attached to the back of a specially-fabricated diaphragm made of expanded polystyrene.

Sound Advance Flat Panel Speakers work by acting as transmission lines, radiating vibrations from their entire surface, so they can even radiate sound when covered with paint or wallpaper — the coverings simply become part of the speaker’s radiating surface. This allows Sound Advance Flat Panel Speakers like the SA2B to be invisibly installed in walls and ceilings. Plaster, paint, wallpaper or other coverings are applied right over the speaker, allowing it to completely disappear into the wall or ceiling surface.

The variable-thickness diaphragm is what sets this transducer technology apart from all other types of radiating sources. Special grooves and channels are formed on the rear surface to precisely control vibrations. Dampening weights are added to tune the motional response of the entire structure. The diaphragm is then stretched and bonded to its supporting frame with proper amounts of tension.

The entire diaphragm radiates sound at lower frequencies. As frequency increases, the diaphragm’s design reduces the effective radiating area. All of this activity causes each of the polystyrene beads in the diaphragm to radiate like a miniature point source, creating exceptionally wide angular sound coverage at all frequencies, even those approaching 20kHz.

Company Information

Based in San Clemente, California, Sound Advance is the leading manufacturer of flat panel loudspeakers for commercial and residential audio and entertainment systems.

Highly respected by architects, designers and sound system installers across the world, Sound Advance products are currently featured in numerous design centers, including the Idea Houses in San Francisco and the Pacific Design Center in Los Angeles.