From Sonance Cinema® Series home theater systems to Sonance ThinLine™
in-ceiling speakers, they create precision audio products that fulfill all your needs and bring the right kind of sound to every part of your life. Sonance has solutions for nearly every use whether it’s high-rise living, the backyard, multi-room audio and much more. Create a different atmosphere in every room of your home. Classical in the bedroom, blues in the shower, ambient chill in the office.

With Sonance, the best movie experiences are not limited to the neighborhood theater. Sonance creates home theater audio solutions that surpass commercial movie theater sound quality. Envelop yourself in dynamic power and stylized nuance. Family nights, movie screenings, romantic evenings. Prepare to impress.

Company Information

Inventing the in-wall speaker was where Sonance started.

In 1982, Sonance co-founders Scott Struthers and Geoff Spencer asked their client to point to the precise spot on the kitchen wall where she’d like her speakers placed. And with a single swing of a hammer, shock waves went through the audio and architectural industries that reverberate to this day. At that moment, what the founders of Sonance had created was literally a breakthrough.

The relationship between architecture and audio would be forever altered.