NAD Electronics

NAD is an uncommon company. Founded in Germany in 1971 with the uncommon goal of bringing accurate music reproduction to their customers, NAD is now sold and serviced in over 80 countries. From their modest beginnings, NAD has evolved into an industry leader, designing and creating a full line of innovative audio and video consumer electronics with a strong ‘Music First’ conviction. They believe that great design shouldn’t have to come at a high cost. NAD designs every product to have the best possible performance, functional simplicity and value for money.

NAD has always stood out by doing things their own way. Their relentless pursuit of great sound has earned them a ‘giant killer’ reputation for outperforming the made-for-the-masses brands. NAD focuses on quality not quantity, so owning NAD products means finding yourself in a very select group. NAD doesn’t see the point in making ordinary electronics—some people call that uncommon and that’s okay with NAD.

Since 1971, NAD’s focus has always been and will remain: Performance, Simplicity, Value.