Remote Technologies Incorporated (RTI) is a technology-driven company headquartered in Eden Prairie, Minnesota that specializes in developing and marketing innovative home theater control products. Founded in 1992 with a focus on the custom home installation market, RTI has become the leader in creating wireless control solutions that solve the foremost challenges facing electronic systems installers.

RTI’s guiding passion is to create products that transform any home theater (or other audio/video system) into a truly pleasant experience – each and every day it is used. Achieving this result requires a great deal of innovation, and an unusual commitment to every detail of product design. To them, a product that is usable, durable, and reliable is not good enough. They demand that the product experience not only be functional, but also enjoyable. It is this philosophy that sets RTI apart from their competition.

RTI not only strives for excellence in the products themselves, but in everything they do. They believe their software tools should be professionally designed – an integral part of the system, not an afterthought. They believe their technical support should be staffed with experienced, knowledgeable personnel. They believe their service department should do whatever it takes to meet the needs of their customers. They believe in continuously improving everything they do.