Panamax is the country’s pre-eminent designer and manufacturer of electronic and electrical protection, filtration and control products. For over 30 years, they have achieved an international reputation for their unique solutions to the worldwide problem of power disturbances. Panamax has earned numerous industry awards for the quality and variety of its products. The company has been recognized for its innovative Lifetime Warranty on almost every unit produced and for its Connected Equipment Protection Policy.

Their products will provide you with the peace of mind in knowing that your home theater will deliver the best possible viewing and listening experience, based on the industries latest power conditioning technology.

Founded in 1975 by Henry Moody and lead today by the executive management team of Bill Pollock (President), John Maloney (VP of Sales) and Bob Smith (VP), Panamax made its debut the same year the first personal computers became available to the public. Panamax is a privately held company with distribution points and sales offices in over 20 countries worldwide.


  • Improves Picture & Sound QualityAudio/Video equipment cannot deliver its best performance if it is being fed dirty power.
  • Makes AC Power Safer and Better - Panamax automatically protects against damage from over/under voltages, surges and lightning!
  • Provides System Control Sequences outlets On/ Off and eliminates annoying speaker “pops”.