Premium surge protection, noise filtering, voltage regulation, and battery backup control for high performance AV systems.

APC designs and manufactures products that exceed industry safety and performance standards. Millions of users around the world depend on APC every day to protect their data centers, networks, computers and home electronics. You, too, can depend on APC’s Legendary Reliability to protect your high performance audio-video and home automation systems.

H Type Power Conditioners provide guaranteed protection against damaging surges and spikes while eliminating power as a source of audio-video signal degradation.

The S Type Power Conditioners with Battery Backup not only offer both of these benefits, but also battery backup power to prevent interruptions, lost DVR/multi-media server data, lost pre-sets and premature projector bulb wear and tear when the power goes out.


Over the last 20 years, APC has been a pioneer in the development of new power protection technologies, resulting in countless industry awards, design patents and an installed base numbering in the tens of millions of units. Multiple R&D centers, along with APC-owned and controlled factories, have helped ensure that APC solutions are the safest, most advanced, and reliable available. When you buy APC, you buy “peace of mind”.

For more information on APC’s AV line, please visit their website at http://www.apc.com/products/apcav/