Now Available: Crestron XPanel control for Apple Macintosh

Mac Users Can Now Enjoy Remote “Virtual Touchpanel” Control of Crestron Systems

Now available, Crestron XPanel for Mac® enables system managers and end users to access and control Crestron systems from any connected Mac computer or laptop. XPanel for Mac transforms an iMac® or MacBook® into a virtual touchpanel, and is a great complement to other Apple® products that are integrated with Crestron, including the iPhone®, iPod® and iPod touch®.

XPanel for Mac

“XPanel was built on the industry’s first IP-based control technology, which Crestron developed more than 10 years ago,” said Vincent Bruno, Crestron Director of Marketing. “Originally designed for PCs, we are now pleased to offer the same capabilities to Mac users, particularly in schools and residences where Macs are in frequent use.”

XPanel for Mac replicates the Crestron touchpanel experience on a computer screen, so a client can remotely check to see if lights were left on and turn them off, or arm/disarm the security system from any location. System managers can take control of a classroom and help an instructor get a presentation up and running quickly, without physically going to the room. With XPanel for Mac, the screen graphics are designed with the Mac user in mind, making remote access simple and intuitive.

For more information on XPanel for MAC or if you are interested in having XPanel for MAC added to your Crestron system, please contact Residential Media Systems Ltd. now.

Jan 29, 2010 / New Products

Triad Selects RMS Projects For Their New Ads

Beginning with October issues of several popular A/V magazines, Triad Loudspeakers will be advertising their Gold LCR line of InRoom and InWall loudspeakers.
To compliment the ads, Triad selected Residential Media Systems Ltd. as their dealer of choice to offer Triad integrated projects for display. As a long time Triad dealer, it was an honor to hear their appreciation for our work and to be offered the chance to nationally display our projects. Many thanks Triad.

Sep 21, 2006 / Inside RMS

Cedia 2006 Re-Cap

With another year of record attendance for Cedia, RMS survives four days in the Mile High City for Cedia Expo 2006. Here's a look at some new and upcoming products we felt would interest all of you.

Cedia or the Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association was established to aid professionals in the A/V industry by providing educational standards for today's and tomorrow's home electronic systems.

Cedia Expo – Day 1


Sonos has released a new software update which includes the ability to stream the Rhapsody music service without the use of a computer. Other features of the update include internet radio, alarms and additional language support. Sonos users receive a free 30-day trial to Rhapsody, which includes top 100 charts and instant music libraries.



American Power Conversion announced it's new power conditioner and battery backup, The S20. Featuring full network capabilities, the S20 can be fully monitored and controlled over the internet or any home network. It also offers environment based monitoring that measures and reports ambient temperature. Humidity monitoring is available as an accessory option. The S20 should be available in the 4th quarter of 2006.


Sooloos – Get In Touch With Your Music 

Sooloos is a new company offering what they consider to be a music system, not a single product. By offering three product series, Sooloos tailors itself to meet the user's requirements.

What caught our attention the most aside from the fantastic build quality and their interesting company history was Sooloos' unique interface experience. Offering the most extensive amount of metadata we've seen to date with any music server system, Sooloos really offers a great, easy to use interface while providing enough information to satisfy every music lover's needs.

In addition to importing metadata from the AMG service, utilizing that data to it's fullest potential was another place Sooloos really shined. The system offers a feature they call focusing which gives the user the ability to easily define playlists based on such metadata as detailed genres, moods, and tags. The playlists can be further refined by selecting specific decades.

With Crestron and AMX modules to be released shortly, Sooloos is surely a product we're keeping our eyes on.


Cedia Expo – Day 2


D-Box gave an impressive demonstration of their upcoming ultimate gaming gear simulator. Offering such features as a race car seat style with adjustable depth and recline, an adjustable pedal plate, aluminum construction, a tilting support tablet for keyboard and steering wheel usage and an optional joystick adaptor plate for flying control. For those of you unfamilar with D-Box's technology, here's a brief overview.

The patented, award-winning D-BOX® motion simulation system provides dramatic, realistic motion that is perfectly synchronized with onscreen action and sound for an experience beyond your wildest imagination. These cutting-edge technologies and products are the final link in the convergence of audio and video into a completely immersive multimedia experience.
Motion simulators uses a two or four point suspension system to lift and move your seating in perfect synchronization with the onscreen action and sound, creating a virtual-reality experience in your living room or home theater. You're literally drawn into the action as never before, experiencing the same motional forces as the actors and players you're watching.
While they only demonstrated a single PC based racing game, several titles will be supported including Microsoft's Flight Simulator. We felt the system could have used some additional steering tweaks but the overall experience was quite a thrill and should be on any racing fan's Christmas list.



Slim Devices and Infrant Technologies

We were finally able to get hands on with Slim Device's Transporter that was announced last month and loved everything it has to offer. The only thing left for us to test is actual sound quality but we're confident it'll blow us away.

We were also surprised to see a new NAS device in the pipes from Infrant called the Repertoire. Available in October 2006 with both 2 and 3 Terrabyte versions to choose from,  this may be the ultimate companion to the Transporter. We will be contacting Slim Devices shortly for pre ordering combos.


Typically Crestron has one if not the largest booth at the show and this year was no exception displaying several new products. We'll start with their upcoming user interfaces.

TPMC-8X WiFi Touchpanel 

The TPMC-8X is a replacement to the current Isys i/O TPMC-10 WiFi Touchpanel. This next-generation wireless touchpanel is packed with new features including a thin, lightweight magnesium casing, an 8.4" SVGA active matrix touchscreen, 1.5 GB of storage memory, and an AMD Geode™ processor for much improved speed and performance. Other features include a biometric fingerprint scanner, built-in bluetooth and 802.11a|b|g Wi-Fi capabilites, dual microphones, stereo speakers and onboard applications for conferencing and voice over IP. We're anxious to get one of these babies in-house for further testing.


Even though this product was previously announced earlier this year by Crestron, this was our first hands-on experience with the product. Based on a 3.5" touchscreen and Wi-Fi communications, the TPMC-4X is Crestron's first true 2-way handheld remote. If the performance of this touchscreen is what we expect it to be, this could be a great addition to our handheld remote selection. This is another product we're excited to start testing out as soon as possible.

Stay tuned for days 3 and 4…

Sep 18, 2006 / Articles

Pre-Cedia 2006 News

Cedia 2006 opens it's doors tomorrow and Residential Media Systems Ltd. will be there, FULL FORCE!

As if there wasn't enough pre-Cedia 2006 news, we wanted to inform everyone that we will be attending this year's Cedia Expo and will unfortunately be closing our offices Thursday, September 13th and Friday, September 14th. Our flight leaves bright and early Thursday morning with a Denver arrival time of 12:00pm. This will be our first year covering highlights and interests of the expo to our web visitors so please feel free to check back with us to see what products and adventures we discover!

Sep 12, 2006 / Inside RMS

RMS Launches Website Revamp

After what felt like an eternity in the making, Residential Media Systems Ltd. is proud to offer it's visitors a much improved web experience with today's site re-launch of

For more than five years, offered little more than a photo gallery of finished RMS projects and outdated product descriptions. Being such a cutting-edge technology company, we decided it was time to present ourselves in a cutting-edge form. After contacting several web developers to help create our new vision, we soon discovered what we were after wouldn't be as simple as we first thought.

In this day and age, some form of a content management system should not be thought of as an addon component but should be a standard requirement of any website. Data entry will need to be added at some point in time and with the revolutionary capabilities of web 2.0, adding that content can be a breeze for anyone. Finding a developer with not only the knowledge to produce this backend but also at a price that met our budget was impossible to find so we decided to attempt the task ourselves.

To accomplish a project such as this, our resident automation systems architect, Eric Leese took it upon himself to research the backend of the world wide web to discover what was possible in this day and age. "All I knew going into this project was that I wanted the backend to be dynamic, lightweight and expandable." The open source community is a wonderful resource tool for software creation and development. With a little research, Eric discovered the ability to modify a previous software platform he had prior experience with. This platform became the foundation of the new

With the new backend in place, we were able to start adding content. While not fully completed, now offers current information on our products, services and inside news to Residential Media Systems Ltd. With the ability to easily add content on-demand, the remaining content we plan to offer should not take much longer. For those pages that appear blank or unavailable, we are aware of them and will complete them soon.

Sep 12, 2006 / Inside RMS

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