Crestron Introduces Adagio LCD Wall Mount Controller
By Eric C. Leese on August 22, 2006

Crestron's APAD LCD Wall Mount Controller Provides Full-Functionality and Feedback

Crestron introduces the APAD LCD wall mount room controller as part of its new Adagio family of products. The new Crestron APAD is a stylish and more responsive alternative to the basic industrial-looking wall plate with knob control. The bi-directional wall mounted APAD offers a sleek, modern design and features a dot-matrix LCD display for an enhanced user experience. The APADs NavWheel interface is inspired by the iPod® ClickWheel. APAD provides stylish, intuitive and reliable control for classrooms, meeting rooms, VTC rooms and training rooms.

The APAD LCD controller, available as a plug and play device in an Adagio packaged solution, features four backlit, white translucent soft-buttons; a NavWheel; and a 128×64 dot-matrix LCD display. This two-way active keypad controller provides full control room control, and real-time active feedback display of all devices including media servers and iPods. The LCD screen displays meta-data such as podcasts and video titles; allows users to scroll through menu screens and select sources and content, volume levels, room temperature, and monitor device status. The APAD offers superior functionality and feedback than basic one-way source selectors or keypads. APAD is available in white or black gloss.

Aug 22, 2006 / New Products