RMS Launches Website Revamp
By Eric C. Leese on September 12, 2006

After what felt like an eternity in the making, Residential Media Systems Ltd. is proud to offer it's visitors a much improved web experience with today's site re-launch of rmsav.com

For more than five years, rmsav.com offered little more than a photo gallery of finished RMS projects and outdated product descriptions. Being such a cutting-edge technology company, we decided it was time to present ourselves in a cutting-edge form. After contacting several web developers to help create our new vision, we soon discovered what we were after wouldn't be as simple as we first thought.

In this day and age, some form of a content management system should not be thought of as an addon component but should be a standard requirement of any website. Data entry will need to be added at some point in time and with the revolutionary capabilities of web 2.0, adding that content can be a breeze for anyone. Finding a developer with not only the knowledge to produce this backend but also at a price that met our budget was impossible to find so we decided to attempt the task ourselves.

To accomplish a project such as this, our resident automation systems architect, Eric Leese took it upon himself to research the backend of the world wide web to discover what was possible in this day and age. "All I knew going into this project was that I wanted the backend to be dynamic, lightweight and expandable." The open source community is a wonderful resource tool for software creation and development. With a little research, Eric discovered the ability to modify a previous software platform he had prior experience with. This platform became the foundation of the new rmsav.com.

With the new backend in place, we were able to start adding content. While not fully completed, rmsav.com now offers current information on our products, services and inside news to Residential Media Systems Ltd. With the ability to easily add content on-demand, the remaining content we plan to offer should not take much longer. For those pages that appear blank or unavailable, we are aware of them and will complete them soon.

Sep 12, 2006 / Inside RMS