about us

What does a custom installation company do?

The term, custom installation, refers to a company that offers solutions for entertainment and home control systems. Most companies provide pertinent information, design, installation, and programming services of systems that provide everyday convenience to homeowners. Music, lighting, temperature control, security, telephones, home networking, and entertainment systems are just examples of the services provided by a custom installation company.

How do we benefit our clients?

We provide current information about products you may be interested in for your home and lifestyle. We are experts at what we do. Extensive research and product testing is a must to understand today’s plethora of new and ever changing technologies. We can be a valuable asset when interior design plays a major role, making sure systems are convenient, aesthetically pleasing and easy to use. We also have extensive custom cabinetry experience. Our staff is meticulously thorough during all phases of a project. Professional and knowledgeable technicians, project managers, and programmers work in unison to provide an enjoyable and exciting experience.

Our Staff

Caleb Fetter

Owner and President

Caleb is the “go to guy” for anything related to the installation and service of your RMS system. His twelve years in the custom automation and A/V industry gives him great insight to ensure your needs are not only met, but exceeded.

Eric Leese

Senior Technology Specialist

Eric has been the long standing force behind RMS Ltd.’s award winning team. His extensive technical background and years of on-the-job experience provides the perfect blend of creativity and knowledge necessary to produce our cutting edge control systems. From a simple remote for a home theater to a sophisticated information systems network, Eric’s desire is to provide clients with the ease-of-use and the “cool factor” they have come to expect from RMS.

Nate Ginder

Site Supervisor/Senior Technician

Nate has been in the electronics industry since graduating from YTI in 2000.  His meticulous attention to detail coupled with his expansive knowledge of the building industry mean that your projects will always exceed your expectations.

Jim Long

Senior Technician

Jim has many years of experience installing, programming and servicing electronics systems.  His diverse knowledge of the ins and outs mean you’re always in good hands!

Mike Toll

Site Supervisor/Senior Technician

Mike is very experienced in the world of technology with over 15 years of installation under his belt.  He works very hard for our clients to ensure they’re always taken care of.

Zach Boyd

Systems Engineer

Zach had many years in the pro-audio world when he came to us.  He’s the guy that designs everything in advance to make sure that installations go smoothly and your system is efficiently serviced well into the future.

Greg Colton

Office Administrator

Greg’s years in customer service mean he’s the perfect fit to help coordinate everything for the team.  He will most likely be the voice on the phone when you call in and he’ll be sure to assist you quickly and professionally!

Jordan Binkley

Technician / Programmer

Jordan brings over 10 years of network administration as well as extensive construction knowledge to our team. His broad knowledge gives him the tools needed to serve our clients.

Steve Raugh

Operations Manager/Controller

Steve’s vast experience in customer service and client-focused demeanor give him great insight when managing the many moving parts of RMS. He helps keep things moving efficiently by working along side our Site Supervisors and System Engineers to make sure we have the people and equipment in the right place at the right time. In his off time Steve is an avid golfer and family man.

Our History

Matt Early, president and founder of Residential Media Systems Ltd., has been involved in the fine art of integrating entertainment and automation systems for the home for over twenty years. Starting in the early 80’s with the privilege of working for one of New York City’s premiere stereo stores, Matt honed his skills. At a time when CD’s, inwall speakers, and home theater were very much in their infancy, Matt became part of the evolution of home entertainment by being on the front line of what was to become known as the custom installation business. The early days of pioneering creative ways to hide electronics and to distribute them throughout a home was a daunting task in the homes of New York’s rich and famous.

Technological advancements, creativity, and sometimes luck were the key ingredients for a successful career in this budding industry. As time passed, the entrepreneurial spirit drove Matt into his own design and installation business which prospered in the New York metro area until 1993. Upon meeting his wife, Bernadette, the two decided to move away from the hectic city lifestyle to Matt’s home turf in Central PA. The goal was to provide a new source for experiencing the fun and excitement associated with state-of-the-art home entertainment systems into a rapidly growing market.

Residential Media Systems Ltd. has become synonymous with creative design and reliable service for the discriminating customer who desired the finest in home technology. RMS Ltd. expanded its offerings to include not only entertainment systems but unique solutions for lighting control and advanced automation systems to add simplicity to everyday functionality of the modern home.