Green By Design

How do you manage and control the energy your family uses? Is it safe to say the majority of us take our energy resources for granted? With energy costs on the rise and the detrimental effects on the environment, it has never been more apparent that we need to evaluate the amount of energy we use, and find ways to reduce it. In these times, it’s hard not to ask yourself, “What could I be doing to save energy and money?” But, what are the answers? Where do you find them?

RMS has the solutions to help you save energy AND make you more comfortable.  Our clients have been enjoying “Green Technology” for over a decade with lighting control, shading solutions and temperature control. When programmed properly, “Green Technology” creates effective solutions for energy savings.

Lighting Control Systems: When you choose a lighting control system, you’re not only changing your way of living—you’re also making a conscious decision to lessen your impact on the environment.

  • Electric light dimming saves electricity usage.
  • Daylight sensors and occupancy sensors intelligently adjust electric light based on the amount of daylight and whether or not you’re in the room.
  • Scheduling timers can automatically dim or turn off lights based on the the time-of-day.
  • Control your home’s lighting from anywhere in the world from your Apple iPhone, iPad or Android device.

Shading Solutions: Utilizing daylight reduces our need for electric light, and saves energy. A shading system from RMS provides precise control of daylight – all at the touch of a button.

  • Shading protects your home from harmful UV, blocks sunlight to lower cooling costs or allows sunlight to pass into your home helping with heating.
  • Shading is available in hundreds of fabrics, including sunscreen, privacy and blackout shades. New styles include Roman shades and Venetian blinds ensuring the perfect solution for any room.
  • Automatically or manually adjust shade positions using a variety of control devices.
  • Coordinating controllable shading with a lighting control system delivers the most effective energy management solution.

Heating and Cooling Control: Temperature control systems are the perfect complement to lighting and shading systems. Manage your light and shade/drapery systems for convenient control of all aspects of your environment—natural light, artificial light, and temperature.

  • Vacancy/Occupancy sensors can select a set point when a space is occupied and another when the space is vacant, automatically saving energy when no one is around.
  • Wireless temperature sensors can be installed almost anywhere in the room discreetly which reduces unsightly wall clutter.
  • Tying your heating and cooling system into one centralized system that also controls your shading and lighting provides a very powerful, unified energy saving system.
  • Apple iPhone or Android control allows operation from wherever you are.

Here at RMS, we constantly research new technologies to provide our clients with the best solutions. Currently we are investigating new energy monitoring services that will work in conjunction with our automation systems to maximize your energy efficiency.  If you would like more information about these exciting new services, please contact us.

An RMS automation system gives you the ability to control lighting and temperature throughout your entire home, any time, from any location—all while saving energy. The question is not whether you need this level of convenience and control. The question is why you would accept anything less.

Apr 29, 2011 / Features

The Art of Technology

Whenever we talk to clients about designing a system, one of the most important aspects of the design almost always revolves around concepts on how to make it disappear. Next to ease of use, sound and picture quality, people are just as interested in the many ways that we can hide their electronics. Today, people are more likely to spend their entertainment time in a family room, or a room central to the house with easy access. These rooms are usually open to other rooms and are typically multi-purpose. Unlike a dedicated home theater that is often cordoned off to a room of its own, the family room becomes the more desirable choice and the need to hide gear becomes imperative.

The art of making electronics disappear is one that always get the creative juices flowing and knowing where to find the right products can be challenging. Here at RMS, we spend about as much time researching and developing solutions as we do installing them. The advent of the flat screen TV has certainly played an important role in the expanse of hiding techniques. Speakers are taking on different forms to fit into various environments while still maintaining great performance. Wireless technologies provide us the luxury of hiding electronics in remote locations.

Monitor Audio SoundFrames are an ultra-discreet loudspeaker available in a choice of two models, each with an in-wall or on-wall option. Its white or black matt cabinet has been developed to sit stylishly around wall-mounted flat screen displays for captivating home theatre sound, or in pairs as part of a high quality music system. Frames pre-prepared in high gloss black/white piano lacquer or primed for your choice of color, help SoundFrame speakers to co-ordinate beautifully with every room design.

For the complete custom effect the fabric grills can be printed with any image of your choosing. A professional printer in New Hampshire has been selected by Monitor Audio to provide this unique opportunity to customize the acoustically transparent grills. Family photos, favorite artist, or designer friendly colors can be chosen to create the ultimate effect. Such versatility gives the SoundFrame models a chameleon-like ability to blend with room décor, yet their performance is anything but discreet.

Media Decor provides uniques solutions to make your flat screen disappear. The Elite Moving Art is the most elegant solution for concealing TV’s with art. When the TV is turned on, the artwork silently scrolls from the bottom up inside the top of the unit and becomes a framed TV.

No one has more options than Inca Lifts when it comes to hiding a TV. Whether you need it to come up from the floor, down from the ceiling, or sideways out of the wall, Inca Lifts has the motorized solution for you.

SÉURA’s vanishing television mirrors, illuminated mirrors and waterproof televisions preserve the integrity of your decor, while providing unmatched performance. With SÉURA, you don’t have to choose between beauty and technology. You have the freedom to design around your unique style, without technology getting in the way.

Sonance Invisible Series speakers disappear in almost any standard wood or metal stud wall or ceiling. The all-new SA3 is an extended-bandwidth speaker that combines planar diaphragm midrange/tweeter technology with the proven low-frequency performance of a direct-radiating woofer.

TRUFIG’s revolutionary flush-mounting system integrates disparate devices and technologies into architecture, empowering architects and designers to create a harmonious family of nearly invisible design elements. TRUFIG’s philosophy relies on the principles of material authenticity, perfection in the smallest detail, and a systematic approach to design. From the selection of the materials, to the precise craftsmanship of each individual element, to the consistency of color and texture, everything they do revolves around an understanding of architecture, detail, and precision.

These are just a few of the exciting concepts we have available to make your next project a “work of art”. Contact us for more information.

Apr 19, 2011 / Articles / Blog / Inside RMS

Music Friday at the Lancaster Museum of Art

First off, thank you to everyone who attended the opening for “Pennsylvania Seen: Southeast Landscapes” at the Lancaster Museum of Art. I think we all will agree that the museum’s curator, Stanley Grand, did a fabulous job pulling together an excellent cast of artists and their work. Secondly, thanks to all who put their time and effort into bringing the “Art of the Party” together and making it a huge success. If you missed either of these events, you still have a chance to visit the exhibit from now until May 22nd.

Residential Media Systems sponsorship has provided us an unique opportunity to share another art form during the exhibit, music. On April 15th, RMS will be sponsoring a “Music Friday” reception from 5-8 PM. “Music Friday” is a Lancaster citywide event that occurs every third Friday of the month at a multitude of venues throughout the city. It  promotes the musical renaissance within Lancaster and makes it a hot spot for the abundance of great musicians and bands that live and work here.

Our participation in this event will provide an evening focused on the emotional connection we make between our love of music and nature. We will be showcasing our finest audio systems within several of the galleries and procuring a symbiotic experience of music and it’s connection with the landscape theme. As an added bonus, we will be providing the musical selections via the timeless format of the vinyl record. A turntable from Thorens will emanate sounds, from the grooves, that will soothe and calm visitors as they stroll through the museum.

The equipment chosen will be as unique as the music. In the main first floor gallery we’ll be showcasing a Thorens TD309 turntable. Its unique design has caught the eyes and ears of the European press and was awarded “European Turntable of the Year 2010-2011”. The main electronics on display will be from Bel Canto Design. Hailing from Minneapolis MN, these artfully designed components use Class D amplification and are at the forefront of high performance digital technology. Flanking the electronics will be a pair of the elite Joseph Audio Pulsar speakers. Released for the first time with absolutely rave reviews at the Consumer Electronics show this past January, The Pulsars create a new benchmark in sound quality that needs to be experienced first hand to be believed.

Utilizing the wireless technology of Sonos, we will be broadcasting the music from the first floor gallery up to the second floor. In this gallery, we will be highlighting the timeless components of NAD. This company has been a staple in the audio world for over 40 years and is well known for offering high performance sound quality on a budget. Speakers from Monitor Audio will complement the electronics bringing an unique British sound to this system.

Cocktails and hors d’oeuvres will be available to help along the soothing sounds! Please help spread the word to others so that the masses can share in this exciting experience. Also remember that you will be supporting the arts in your community!

Apr 10, 2011 / Industry News / Inside RMS